Serenity Peace and Beauty

??don’t want to leave… have discovered a piece of heaven… wow!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Can’t thank you enough for what was an amazing experience of serenity, peace and beauty!!

Equleni has now become a place to return to, for restoration and all that the spirit needs-a place to weave into our family memories.. bless u!!

Proof of payment and a ‘bit’ more -to follow.

All the very best to you??Sharon & Wendy

(Oh, and 15 minute showers… such decadence)??

It’s World Wildlife Day today!

Today is World Wildlife Day!
So we share this post in honor of the wild animals at Equleni Farm.
Each morning when we go for a walk on the farm we are in awe of the signs of life and beauty that surround us.

We are blessed to have Bushbuck, Bushpig, Honeybadger, Porcupine, Angular Tortoise, Caracal and Servil on the farm – to name but a few. We have yet to personally see or photograph all of them – But there is so much beauty in that too – Finding their trails, observing their movements. Much like the elusive Knysna Elephant these animals are wild and quite shy. Conservation at its finest. At night time the animals have the farm to themselves. One can only imagine what they get up to on a warm full moon night in the wetland. There are also fish Eagles and buzzards that nest and roam the heights of the tall trees in the area, and one can see them soaring overhead in the afternoon as they catch the warm updrafts that come along the valley.

Bordering on Sanparks and nestled between Rondevlei and Swartvlei lake – the animals here roam from Sanparks onto the farm to forage (the fences are such that they can pass through as they wish). Equleni was once a quarry and a dairy farm but long before that it was part of the great Knysna forest. Today it embodies a home, a guest house, a motorbike adventure centre and a site for regenerative land and living practices. As you drive in to the farm Antony has planted beautiful indigenous trees on either side of the road to attract local bird life that will one day soon shelter that section of the land as a forest again. Old mans beard moss lines the trees and bushes  along the trails (A sign of abundantly fresh air and a thriving ecosystem).

As amateur mycology hobbyists (aka Mushroom growers) we have been delighted by the different array of species of mushrooms that pop up all over the farm and the range of microbiomes that surround us here. A good mycelial network lays the foundation for good soil and abundant wildlife. While Equleni was once a quarry and still has an abundance of sand – the suurvygies, fynbos, Kanna and ferns cover the land protectively and are waiting patiently for us to plant more trees.

We are still learning all of the plants in the area but there is an endless amount of fynbos species including Ericas and Proteas. While going for walks on the farm you are most likely to spot bushbuck prints on route. Within the last week we have found bushbuck, badger and bushpig prints, a porcupine quill and a tortoise. Equleni is not just a safe haven for people to come to and rest or explore – It’s also a 21 hectare home to many beautiful creatures and we are honoured to be stewards of this land. We can’t wait to share more about them with you as well as posts about Organic@Equleni. Watch this space for lots of exciting growth in the coming months!

This weekend, take time to appreciate the Wildlife on your doorstep – and if there isn’t much around, do come and visit at Equleni Guest Farm! Get in sync with the slow life in Sedgefield.

We’d love to have you and share our piece of paradise with you.